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An Industry on the Move

Dayton, Ohio is a prime opportunity for businesses looking to establish logistics hubs, add distribution centers to an existing network or establish businesses to support the increasing boom in Dayton’s logistics market. Dayton offers the unique combination of an ideal location for building optimal distribution networks, lower-than-average operating costs, available industrial real estate and an affordable workforce ready to meet any demand. Dayton’s assets and accessibility have it poised to become the next big name in logistics for the Midwest Megaregion and the nation.

Job Outlook

Logistics is an exciting and fast-growing field at the forefront of the American economy. Everything, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, is supported by the logistics industry. With its broad reach and in-demand services, it is no wonder that jobs in logistics are at the forefront of the American recovery. The employment outlook for logistics is already exceeding most other industries, and that trend is expected to continue for years to come. A career in logistics is a reliable investment in your future.
about-graphA career in logistics offers much more than entry into a fast growing field, it also offers generous wages. It is validating work that makes a difference in communities across the United States, and the pay reflects the respect a job in logistics will earn you. America’s roads have mesmerized men and women for generations, inspiring great stories and works of art. A career in logistics is an opportunity to join the ranks of generations of Americans who have kept this great nation moving. Find out where Dayton’s logistics industry could take you.