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A Growing, Vibrant Workforce

Logistics — the art and science of getting things where they need to be, when they need to be there —  is quickly becoming one of the most important industries of our increasingly interconnected world. Logistics combines the technical skills of drivers, pilots and warehouse fulfillment specialists with the engineering know-how of computer scientists and the insight of business analysts. It is a fast paced field where saving minutes of time can mean saving millions of dollars. Growth in online retail sales, the rebirth of American manufacturing and rising global demand for products of every kind are driving an explosion in the need for logistics professionals. The Dayton Region is at the heart of that growth.

Dayton’s position at the intersection of I-70/75, near America’s median center of population, makes it one of the best possible locations for distribution centers and logistics businesses. The Dayton Region is already home to some big names in distribution, a trend which is only going to increase. Local and regional governments in the area are partnering with private enterprise to make Dayton the nation’s premier location for logistics operations. That means — among other benefits — the opening of many new jobs within the region.

Career opportunities in distribution have grown tremendously over the past decade. Logistics is a field which offers good jobs for good pay, and the opportunity to make an impact in a growing industry. Whether you are a recent college graduate, and experienced logistics professional, military personnel looking to transition into the private sector or a hard-working individual in search of some extra hours, the field of logistics has something to offer you. Explore the links below to find out how a career in logistics could impact your life, and see how you can add your talents to this in-demand industry. 

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