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Caterpillar, Inc. is one of the world’s 150 largest companies, according to Forbes. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of machinery and equipment used by the construction and mining industries.

Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar, focuses on distribution of parts to dealers in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Constructed in 2011, Caterpillar Logistics Services’ 1.5 million square foot facility located in Clayton, Ohio employs approximately 600 regular and contract employees. The facility is equipped with high ceilings and a system of cranes to assist with receiving shipments directly from vendors, assembling, painting, repackaging, warehousing, and distributing products throughout the Caterpillar network.

In addition to its existing facility, in 2013 Caterpillar Logistics Services broke ground on approximately $1 million in additions, which included a 4,200 square foot training facility. The expansion is slated to be complete by summer 2015.