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A Region perfectly positioned for Success

In an independent study, internationally renowned consulting firm to the supply chain management industry, St. Onge, ranks the Dayton Region as one of the nation’s most ideal locations for a distribution hub in any network configuration.¬†It is not an overstatement to say that Dayton, Ohio is the perfect location for new logistics initiatives. Dayton is optimal (within the margin of error) for any distribution network configuration. In the site selection process, the Dayton Region’s location, workforce and real estate¬†make it an ideal location for establishing a distribution hub or expanding an existing distribution network.

The City of Dayton and its surrounding communities invite interested parties to learn more about the Dayton Region by exploring the links below. This information has been independently assembled, and clearly demonstrates Dayton’s potential as a logistics powerhouse. A strong workforce, ideal traffic conditions, access to support and industrial resources and phenomenal location are just a few advantages Dayton offers for logistics and distribution operations. See for yourself how Dayton can drive your business in the 21st century.