DC Network Configurations

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In the science of logistics, location is everything. Massive amounts of research, including studies focusing on Dayton in particular, have broken down logistics costs to the most minute detail. The numbers show Dayton is located within the margin of error for an optimal distribution center in any network configuration. Businesses with a single distribution hub and networks of up to seven distribution centers will find the Dayton region provides exceptional economic efficiency. The region’s prime location, combined with available real estate, relatively low traffic congestion and a qualified workforce, make Dayton the premier choice for the development or expansion of a distribution center network.

1 DC Network

If you are looking for a sole distribution hub, look no further than the Dayton Region. Our city, and the surrounding area, are located near major highways, multiple large port cities and the United States’ median population center. These features and more put Dayton, Ohio solidly within the margin of error for developing an optimal single distribution center logistics network.

1 DC Network Dayton


2 DC Network

Businesses looking to operate logistics networks with two distribution centers can realize significant economic advantages in Dayton. The region is within the margin of error for an optimal two distribution center network configuration, and offers many other benefits found nowhere else.



3 DC Network

Dayton is the optimal location for development of a three distribution center network. The region offers unparalleled access to the logistics corridors crucial to running the most efficient possible 3 DC network. Dayton will continue to be a great choice for logistics operations in the future, as traffic in the region is expected to remain relatively congestion free for the coming decades.

3 DC Network Optimal


4 DC Network

Dayton is within the margin of error for establishing an optimal four distribution center network. The region is at the heart of the Interstate 70 corridor, which runs from Baltimore to Utah, creating easy access to the the East coast and the cities of the Midwest at an optimal price point.

4 DC Network Dayton


5 DC Network

In a five distribution center network configuration, Dayton delivers optimal operating costs, within the margin of error, while serving the Great Lakes region. This network configuration benefits from Dayton’s proximity to Ohio’s major cities and the availability of interstate highways crossing Dayton in all cardinal directions.

5 DC Network Dayton


6 DC Network

A six distribution center network employs the Dayton region’s access to the major population centers of the Midwest, while leveraging its low traffic and proximity to interstate highways. In this configuration, Dayton is within the margin of error for the optimal location to develop a distribution center.

6 DC Network Dayton


7 DC Network

Dayton is the optimal location for a distribution center in a seven distribution center network. Dollar-for-dollar, it cannot be beat in terms of efficiency for businesses utilizing this network configuration. In addition to its unbeatable financial advantages, the Dayton region is home to a large workforce of talented and motivated individuals whose families have served companies at the core of America’s economic history. They are ready to make an impact on the modern age of logistics.

7 DC Network Optimal