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Dayton Area Industrial Parks

Finding the right location for a logistics operation is critical. Even if a region is excellent from a network configuration perspective, the availability of high quality real estate is essential to the success of a logistics operation. The Dayton Region exceeds expectations in both of these requirements. Dayton is rich with potential sites for distribution, including the airport, Union City, Progress Park and many more. And, the Dayton Region is within the margin of error for building an optimal distribution network of up to seven distribution centers. All of the Dayton Region’s largest industrial parks are convenient to interstate highways, including I-70 to Columbus/Indianapolis and I-75 to Cincinnati and Detroit (via Toledo).

Demand for Big Box Space Increasing

Consumer demand for products to be sold online has increased dramatically over the past decade. The demand for faster and more convenient purchasing and delivery options will continue to drive competition among online retailers, so-called “E-tailers,” and is forcing traditional CPG companies to adapt. The bulk of the changes these fast-growing firms are making fall upon 3PL’s or their own internal logistics departments. The Dayton Region is ready to meet the demands of the changing marketplace by encouraging the development of ready-to-use Class A industrial space in excess of 400,000 sq. ft. and Class B industrial spaces. These sites will align with the emerging needs of shippers, who are increasingly looking for centralized distribution locations. Dayton also provides an ideal location for the so-called “second phase expansion” of online retail delivery, focusing on locating within smaller cities to facilitate customer pick-up and return, as its metro area is centrally located within a short drive of several other major cities.

The increasing demand for “big box” fulfillment centers has fueled a steady and dramatic decline in the availability of industrial space since the first quarter of 2010. Dayton is in a unique position to meet the need for new distribution center locations. The large tracts of flat land throughout the Dayton region make it particularly well suited for the development of Class A industrial buildings. Dayton already offers a range of options for industrial real estate, but businesses looking for something more specialized will have no trouble finding an ideal location to build.


The Dayton Regional Green 3 offers certification to green businesses willing to meet certain standards of efficiency. Firms which achieve Green Business Certification status can receive discounts on their electricity from Dayton Power & Light. These discounts can be further enhanced by businesses which choose to subscribe to LEED Building Design.


Find Available Sites and Buildings

Once you decide that the Dayton Region is the ideal site for your future logistics operation, we invite you to explore available real estate to find the perfect location for your business. Dayton’s competitively priced market, access to land and water and history of industrial excellence ensures we have just what you are looking for. To search for available sites and buildings, click here.